Finance all kinds of major needs using your home’s equity as collateral. We offer home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) — with competitive rates.

  • Competitive rates for several ongoing or seasonal needs
  • The existing equity in your home is used as collateral backing
  • Accommodating repayment terms that work uniquely for you
  • Funds available anytime without reapplying; apply once, then use repeatedly thereafter
  • Revolving credit – as principal is repaid, more becomes available for use
  • Funds easily available via in-person transfers or by check
  • The interest paid might be tax deductible*
  • Set up automatic payments to be deducted from your account monthly
  • Local decision-making and processing
  • Attentive, friendly service from start to finish

*Consult a tax advisor.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) will be fixed for a period of 180 days on all new home equity line of credit accounts. The initial disclosure APR will be Prime - 1 % and will remain in effect for 180 days from the date of the agreement, after which time the APR is based on WSJ Prime and any applicable margin. The margin is based on your home's loan to value ratio and may range from 0% APR to 6.00% APR After the initial discounted APR period, the rate is variable and subject to change monthly. As of May 5, 2022 APR is 4.00%. A $50 annual fee is waived the first year but applies annually in subsequent years. The full term of the loan is 120 months. There is an early closure fee of 2% of credit limit if paid off and closed within 24 months. To qualify, a loan application must be submitted on or before May 31, 2022. Terms and conditions of this offer are subject to change without notice Homeowners insurance is required. Additional information and disclosures available upon request or at the time of application. Subject to credit approval. NMLS #665587